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      Quality system

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      Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals perceive that product quality is the responsibility of the company and every employee.From managers to operators, they all put product quality in the first place. "Make good medicine according to the rules" is the core of Lonzeal Pharmaceutical's quality culture. On the basis, we have established a quality management team independent of production and business.We established a complete and strict QA system with continuous improvement .Lonzeal implemented the international and domestic drug production quality management practices that complies with the ICH.

      The API and finished products of Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals have continuously passed the GMP inspections of many drug regulatory agencies including the NMPA, USFDA, the WHO and the Brazilian FDA, as well as many well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. Particularly, two consecutive zero-defects passed the on-site inspection of the US FDA in 2017 and 2018. Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals will adhere to the implementation of a good quality system to ensure that the product and its manufacturing process continue to meet the safety, effectiveness and quality standards of the drug.


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