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      The R&D capabilities of Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals include the R&D center located in Shijiazhuang High-tech Development Zone and the industrialization research institute located in Shenze National Biomedical Industrial Park . There are more than 100 scientific research and technical personnels. The laboratory area of the R&D center is 2,000 square meters and equipped with advanced research and development equipment and instruments and has innovative research and development capabilities in multiple disciplines such as finished products development, pharmaceutical chemical synthesis and drug detection and analysis; The Industrialization Research Institute is equipped with The pilot-scale production line is used for the scale-up research, registration verification and improvement and optimization of the synthesis of raw materials and finished products production processes and is capable of producing products from kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.

      The highly integrated laboratory and the industrialized R&D capabilities of Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals not only ensure high-efficiency R&D capabilities, but also emphasize the quality management and compliance requirements of the R&D process. The R&D system of Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals and the R&D records of multiple raw materials and finished products have accepted and passed the on-site inspection of drug regulatory agencies.


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